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Soon now

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Only four more days! Our precious 3 month old granddaughter has come to say, "Bon Voyage"!

Posted by Swenigale 12:25

Can you believe it?

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In less than 40 hours we'll be on our way to Vancouver, and I packed everything I need for 94 days in this small bag! JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Posted by Swenigale 12:15

Rooting out evil

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We are in Vancouver! All is well and as we explored the waterfront early this afternoon we came upon various works of art- this one really stopped us! It is the artist’s vision of “ the tool to root out evil”!


Posted by Swenigale 16:30

Red Sox Nation in Vancouver

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We are standing near Canada Place, the cruise port. Everyone we have met have been super friendly, even though they mostly don't recognise the red sox caps! The Sox won today, by the way!


Posted by Swenigale 20:45

Flying to Victoria

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On Saturday, which dawned clear and bright, we flew in a seaplane to Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, on Vancouver Island. The little planes are an exciting way to travel!


Posted by Swenigale 07:50

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