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We are in Sydney, Australia! I can’t believe it. We’re staying a short walk from the famous Sydney Opera House…
….and Circular Quay, the heart of the Harbor City.



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Oz Tours and Kangaroos

We spent Friday on a great tour to the Blue Mountains outside of the city. These Eastern Gray Kangaroos are in the wild, not in a zoo. One even had a “Joey” in her pouch!
That rock we are on is called King’s Table. The Blue Mountains are full of Eucalyptus trees and the oil they emit in the sunlight gives the mountains their blue color.
This cable car took us down to a rainforest at the Three Sisters rock formation and after a short walk we rode back up on the world’s steepest incline railway.
We are thinking of everyone back home and all of the Church Fair preparations. Have fun! We miss you!

5_1194002443417_1 blue mt.jpg

6_1194002450713_2 blue mt.jpg

7_1194002458026_3 blue mt.jpg

8_1194002465510_4 blue mt.jpg

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Saturday in Sydney

Sydneysiders love to shop. Here in a major department store, David Jones, all is ready for Spring (see hats) and Christmas (see tree)!
Who knew Sydney has a monorail? We took it to do some bargain shopping (of course) at Paddy’s Market (that’s the big brick building in the background).
The QVB, the Queen Victoria Building, full of high end stores, wealthy shoppers and gawking tourists.
We splurged on High Tea atop the QVB – Hästa ate it all!



3_1194073226420_three story tree.jpg

4_1194073233717_hasta high tea.jpg

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A Sunny Sydney Sunday

St. James Anglican Church – the oldest church in Sydney at 183 years. We attended an early morning All Saints Day service and remembered the Saints of Bethel in prayer.
Another angle of the Opera House (there are so many) …and look what snuck in during the early morning – the Statendam!
Sydney Harbor is amazingly busy with boats of every shape and size. People take ferries just like we take buses. We took a ferry to Manley Beach in the suburbs – volleyball, anyone?
An appropriate final dinner in Australia for Ed – you guessed it, mate – it’s kangaroo (not an endangered species).

1_1194170109124_1 Sunday..James.jpg

2_1194170116545_2 sunday..endam.jpg

3_1194170123733_3 Sunday manley.jpg

4_1194170131670_4 Sunday..garoo.jpg

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Things Sydneysiders would rather not show you

Fruit bats, or “Flying Foxes”, are destroying trees in the Royal Botanical Gardens. Creepy.
The Ibis, graceful and fun to watch. Because of them, Sydney trash cans had to be redesigned so the birds can’t get at the garbage with their long beaks!

1_1194424509842_syd 1 bats.jpg

2_1194424517202_syd 2 bats.jpg

3_1194424524452_syd 3 ibis.jpg

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