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Dancing Dolphins

What a treat! A pod of more than 20 bottle-nosed Dolphins accompanied us briefly on Saturday. What an amazing spectacle as they all just kept leaping and leaping until we parted ways.

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Slimy Pollywogs no more!

We have crossed the equator (didn’t even feel the bump!). Maritime tradition makes a big deal about the first time a sailor (a slimy pollywog) crosses the equator. There is a fun, silly initiation ceremony, complete with King Neptune, being made to kiss a smelly fish, get covered with gross stuff and get dunked in the pool. After that, they become “Shellbacks”.
Today (Monday) is our 5th straight day at sea, and we’re loving it! The ocean is so vast we haven’t seen another ship since we left Hawaii!



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Second Sunday Service

Our Interdenominational service is at 9 am. Daily services (while at sea) have on average 20- 30 folks. Not bad for Protestants! Attendance on Sunday was great- more than 120 worshippers gathering on the high seas to sing praise and hear God’s Word! Their churches back home range from Anglican to Methodist to Church of Christ to Baptist, from countries around the world.


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Pago Pago, American Samoa- Tuesday Oct 9

Our day in American Samoa, part rain, part blazing sunshine. On a tour around the island we stopped at a well-known rock formation, Flower Pot Rock, which guards the entrance to the harbor. We found the Samoan people are very friendly. When our 19 year-old guide was complaining about the mid-day heat we were surprised, so he explained that normally he and his friends go up in the mountains during the heat of the day, set-up their tents and sleep, and then don’t come back to the village until 3pm!
I guess they can manage without air-conditioning that way!

The next picture shows the beautiful sea spray against black lava rock. Our six island-style buses (with “natural” air conditioning and un-cushioned seats) stopped at a resort for the view and som fruit juice.

All in all, there is not much here but drop-dead-gorgeous scenery!



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Apia,Western Samoa- Wednesday Oct 10

Such an island paradise! No wonder Robert Louis Stevenson chose to live his final years and be buried here! He was well-loved by the Samoans- they called him “Tusitala”, “Storyteller”.
We watched as the ship docked- the lineman had to shoot the lead line to the dockworkers!
Apia is the capital of Western Samoa, and the only real town. The last picture is of the seawall along Beach Street.




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